Видавець: NewMind

Reach the documents and clauses prepared via Muellif system and update the checklist of your work.

The Muellif is a product of NewMind which is a document automation system that provides you to execute the interview with your desired contracts or documents and generate the answerable document.

The Muellif Word add-in provides you to access our document library where you can find the document and clauses related with your work field. You can also update your checklist regarding your Muellif interviews.

Tech Specs

• Works best with Office 365 for Word.

• Also available for Office 2019, and 2016.

• Will be functional only for Muellif authorized users.

• Will be functional only on those documents which are downloaded from Muellif System.

• Download the UDF file format of your template from add-in.

Можливості програми

Коли ця програма використовується, вона
  • читати документ і вносити в нього зміни
  • надсилати дані через Інтернет

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