Видавець: Cassavarose LLC

Provide highly engaging and retentive training programs to your org members.

Cassava allows the members of your organization to consume highly engaging and retentive training modules entirely in Microsoft Teams. Experiences is the name given to these modules that authors create with Cassava. Let's meet the key players involved.


The demo command is the best place to begin learning how Cassava works. We publish the fully-functional Cassava Onboarding Experience to your Microsoft Teams account, allowing you to engage with our Bot one-on-one. The demo unfolds over a few days to showcase how an audience consumes an Experience in Cassava. Another command is available when you are ready to jumpstart authoring your first Experience.


Receive an invite in Microsoft Teams from authors to partake in the shared creation of an Experience.

**Audience Members**

Cassava is all about you. A notification is delivered in Microsoft Teams when an Experience that you are a member of is about to commence. From here, you engage entirely with our Bot to consume the training material for the duration of the Experience. You are most welcome to run the demo while you wait.

Visit our [Product Integration]( page for more information on how Cassava works.

Можливості програми

Коли ця програма використовується, вона
  • надсилати дані через Інтернет
  • Ця програма може отримувати доступ до персональних даних в активному повідомленні, наприклад номерів телефонів, поштових адрес або URL-адрес. Програма може надсилати ці дані сторонній службі. Вона не може читати або змінювати інші елементи у вашій поштовій скриньці.

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