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Bring Whole Brain® collaboration to your teams!

Stop & Think is a brand new way for your Thinkers to experience individual and team HBDI® profiles from any device (phone, tablet, desktop) in the Microsoft Teams app. Get team-based guidance on communication, decision-making, and problem solving customized to the individual's and/or team's profile.

Why Stop & Think:

- Provides real-time application tools for teams to use in meetings and other workplace scenarios

- Creates “stop & think” moments with built-in solutions and strategies

- Puts Whole Brain® Thinking at your customers' fingertips, when you're already working with your teams

Use Stop & Think Across Entire Microsoft Teams Workspace:

- Stop & Think tab within channels

- Stop & Think tab with chat

- Teams Meetings integration

- Personal app

Make Thinking Diversity Actionable:

- Effective collaboration for both individuals and teams, without having to leave Microsoft Teams. Directly translate thinking diversity into action.

- Stop & Think has full range of Whole Brain® Thinking common use cases for teams & individuals:

- Finding effective approaches to work with your team

- Improving team productivity and leveraging team's talents & interests

- Collaborating better under pressure

- Planning & running effective meetings

- Getting unstuck with another and much more.

About Herrmann International:

Herrmann has helped the most admired organizations around the world decode and harness their cognitive diversity for over 40 years. Our thinking insight SaaS platform makes it easier for managers and teams to communicate, collaborate and solve problems more effectively using our proprietary Whole Brain® Thinking methodologies.

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