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Easily book and share desks and parking spots in your office.

With LIZ Booker, you can easily book and share desks and parking spots in your office, track time spent at work, and seamlessly integrate with other tools for optimal office management and efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating desk and parking assignments and hello to a more organized and productive work environment with LIZ Booker now in Microsoft Teams, Outlook and M365.

An active “LIZ Booker” account is required to use this app. For further information, as well as creating an account, please contact us at

For a demo or further information, as well as creating an account, please contact us:

What can be displayed and booked?

Workstations, FreeSpaces and meeting rooms can be displayed and booked in LIZ BOOKER.

Where and how can my organisation information be inserted?

The organisation information can be entered during onboarding with our LIZ team, but with the new admin you can enter and edit this data yourself.

What are the advantages of the check-in/out function?

The CI / CO function is intended as a digital login to the workplace with the seat reservation, with which you can track how long the workplace is booked.

What is the report function?

The report function can be used to inform / report if, for example, equipment is missing from the booked workstation.

How can I limit the advance bookings?

Advance bookings can be made for 24 hours / 7 days or 14 days in advance. Changes to this can be made via LIZ WORKSPACE MANAGER.

What is the logic of the capacity utilisation traffic light?

The capacity indicator shows how available a space is – green means free, orange means that the space has been booked and red means that it has been blocked.

What are the hearts for?

The hearts are like a quick search function, if you have a favourite place, you can mark it and find it faster.

What can the floor plan do?

The floor plan helps you to get a better overview of the seats and their availability.

How do I insert the floor plan?

The floor plan is entered into the LIZ BOOKER by our LIZ team, but with the LIZ WORKSPACE MANAGER you can insert the floor plan on your own.

How can I book a seat?

Seats are shown as a green dot if available, if you click on it, you can reserve your seat for the desired date.

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