Welcome Banner by Sysdoc

Видавець: The Sysdoc Group Limited

An easily configurable, user-friendly welcome banner for your SharePoint site.

Create a customisable welcome banner for your SharePoint site, designed for easy setup and providing an effective way to greet your visitors. Enjoy the added convenience of one-click layout control, making personalisation of your SharePoint pages a breeze.


Configurable options include:

  • Solid colour or image background selection.
  • Reactive banner text, allowing for a personalised welcome, SharePoint page title, or custom message.
  • Custom messages feature handy built-in dynamic content variables, enhancing your ability to personalise the user experience.
  • Adjustable overlay image.

The tool also allows you to toggle between a 'Home' and 'Article' SharePoint page layout.

Getting Started:

  1. Follow these steps to install the web part on your site (Using web parts on SharePoint pages - Microsoft Support).
  2. Once installed and added to your page, click 'edit' on your new welcome banner web part to open the properties panel.
  3. Adjust the settings as you wish to customise your welcome banner.
  4. If desired, use the 'switch layout' button to toggle between a SharePoint 'Home' (no built-in SharePoint header) and 'Article' layout.

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