CampaignTrackly UTM Builder for Excel

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Effortlessly create UTM, CID, and short links in Excel with CampaignTrackly's UTM builder.

Revolutionize the Way You Tag & Shorten Campaign URLs With Our UTM Builder – Without Leaving Excel

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing insights while streamlining your link tracking efficiency and productivity:

• Say Good-bye to complex formulas or manual UTM or CID link processing.

• CampaignTrackly's innovative solution automates URL tagging for your marketing campaigns and makes it easier than

ever to build accurate trackable links.

• Our Excel+ChatGPT UTM builder lets you build trackable links with a click - without the need to interrupt your

workflow to go to another platform and start tagging there.

Easily ensure consistent link tagging and maximize the power of your analytics:

• Build error-free UTM tracking links with a click using our templates.

• Get both long and short links in one go without leaving Excel.

• Prevent broken URLs and get fun chats with ChatGPT.

Work without interruptions:

• No need to leave your working environment to go to another page to start tagging and shortening links. Do it all with

one click from Excel.

• No new software or process to learn.

• Save time while working in a familiar environment that requires zero learning and lets you easily create accurate,

uniform links that optimize the quality of your marketing insights.

Keep all links in one place:

• All the links you make are auto-stored in our web platform - organized by campaign name and easy to access and export.

Get Reports You Can Trust:

• Automated tagging rules eliminate dupes, typos, and errors. Templates ensure required tags combinations are always

in place without the need for you to worry or have to remember them.

This add-in requires a paid CampaignTrackly subscription. Please visit for details about the available subscription plans.

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