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Transform website visitors into customers with our integrated Live chat

Chat with visitors directly from Microsoft Teams

Enhance your customer interaction by chatting directly with your website visitors through a live chat widget integrated within Microsoft Teams. Simplify your communication tools – no need for a separate chat client to engage with your customers.

Customize Your Live Chat to Perfectly Align with Your Brand Identity

Customize your live chat widget to perfectly match your company's style by choosing from various options such as custom colors, logos, text, default responses, and tab styles

Easily integrate a live chat widget in your website

Seamlessly integrate live chat into your website and streamline your customer care and sales processes. Say goodbye to the hassle of additional software and start chatting with your website visitors in no time.

Direct engagement by your whole team

When a visitor to your site initiates a new chat session, MokaChat creates a dedicated thread for just that conversation. Your team will see a notification in your Microsoft Teams channel, and any of the operators can join the conversation at any time.

Here is a short list of just some features MokaChat offers:

  • Chat with visitors directly from Microsoft Teams
  • See who you’re chatting with including name, email, and page URL
  • Set up separate chat widgets for each of your websites
  • Style your chat widget to fit your brand
  • Map each widget to a separate team or channel
  • Receive files from your chat visitors
  • Multiple team members can collaborate on a chat session
  • Works on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers

Installation and Set Up

Set up takes less than 5 minutes. See our getting started guide for details.

Можливості програми

Коли ця програма використовується, вона
  • надсилати дані через Інтернет
  • Ця програма може отримувати доступ до персональних даних в активному повідомленні, наприклад номерів телефонів, поштових адрес або URL-адрес. Програма може надсилати ці дані сторонній службі. Вона не може читати або змінювати інші елементи у вашій поштовій скриньці.

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