Thomson Reuters Legal Task Manager

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Empower your legal team with AI-driven tools that simplify processes and amplify productivity.

Boost the productivity of your legal department: Streamline your workflow with Thomson Reuters Legal Task Manager.

You can interact with HighQ & Legal Tracker directly from Outlook:

- Use the power of AI to rapidly extract key matter intake insights from a legal request received via email and to effortlessly create new matters. If some key information is missing, automatically generate an email draft requesting more information.

- Save emails, email discussions, and legal documents from within Outlook to your legal platform.

- Create dynamic links to share legal documents in outgoing emails.

- Upload documents to your legal platform.

More details:

- The Legal Task Manager is tied to the Outlook account of the user and thus accessible on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

- Supported browsers: Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

- Legal Task Manager requires Graph access.

- Thomson Reuters HighQ or Legal Tracker credentials are required to log in.

- AI features need to be purchased as an add-on to HighQ or Legal Tracker subscriptions and are only available for customers whose instance is on Azure.

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