China Scatter Map

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Reflect the national resource distribution, value contribution concentration, etc.

The China Scatter Map of Sharewinfo contains tens of thousands of geographical coordinate data. Through incremental rendering technology and various detailed optimizations, it can perform smooth zooming and translation and other interactions. It also addresses geographic data such as line data and point data. Visualization provides eye-catching special effects. For the Chinese market, China's maps are more configurable and can be arbitrarily switched to specific provincial maps in China. On the basis of the map, the size and distribution of the relevant data are displayed with the size of the points, the depth of the color, and the like, so that one can have a panoramic view of the eyes and be aware of them. Scatter maps are often used to display resource distributions. Features *** Support offline map This allows you to load map information online without having to open it every time you open it, which greatly improves the efficiency of creating and reading reports, and makes the interaction smoother and smoother. *** Supports one-click switching between Chinese maps and provincial maps You can select a map type in one of the configuration items, whether it is a national map or an arbitrary province. *** Rich visual configuration items • You can also arbitrarily set the latitude and longitude of the area that you want to display in the middle of the map so that readers can see at a glance; • You can configure the gradient range of the scatter color, and the map will automatically be categorized by the color level according to the size of the value; • In addition, you can set titles, legends, text attributes, highlights, data point colors, and more.

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