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Acterys Table Edit enables extensive editing and master data management of tables in Power BI.

Most comprehensive option for editing (add, edit, delete) and master data management for all sources supported in Acterys including Microsoft SQL Server and others. Features: • Editing of any table that is supported by Acterys (MS SQL, Azure SQL, Synapse, Snowflake, SharePoint, etc.) • Bulk edit of records based on filter criteria • Search functions • Image display and editing • Support for drill through and custom tool tips • Grouping of records • Validation of data and selection from lists e.g. linked lists, date-picker, tick boxes, data type validation, custom icon sets etc. IMPORTANT : To use write back and planning features with the Acterys Power BI Table Edit Visual, start a free trial at: Acterys Power BI Visual Trial

Visual Setup Configure the database that you want to use in the API section. Click on the "+" to add a new record or on "edit" to change/write-back to records when you are finished with your changes click "Save" and they will be written back to the Azure/MS SQL database configured in the Acterys Modeller. Bulk record edits are possible with the bulk edit button at the top. Various table formatting options are available in the "Format" section.

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