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A professional Gantt Chart visual to improve project management and schedule reporting

Apex Gantt Chart is an advanced tool designed to visualize project schedules and timelines. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with the data structure of widely used scheduling software such as Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project enables business users to enhance their project management reporting within Microsoft Power BI.

Apex Project Management aims to incorporate cutting-edge technology into project management. Our experienced project managers work closely with IT experts to address the needs of project teams, emphasizing schedule visualization.

Apex Gantt Chart boasts powerful features and capabilities that make it an ideal choice for project teams and stakeholders. These include:

Key features:

  • Two baseline bars: Apex Gantt Chart offers the unique capability of displaying two (2) baseline bars for each task, enabling users to compare different versions of the project schedules in Gantt view simultaneously.

  • Hierarchy view: Apex Gantt Chart provides unlimited hierarchy levels and task capabilities with exceptional performance even for high volume levels and task numbers. The tool supports expand/collapse level for each hierarchy level.

  • Timeline levels: The three (3) timeline levels in Apex Gantt Chart are fully adjustable, allowing users to customize their view of project timelines to meet their specific needs.

  • Milestones: The tool automatically identifies start or finish milestones in projects by checking for empty start or finish dates. It highlights these milestones on the Gantt Chart, making project management and tracking simpler.

  • Progress: Apex Gantt Chart displays progress on the Gantt Chart, providing users with real-time information about the project's status and performance.

  • Custom legend: The custom legend feature of Apex Gantt Chart enables users to customize the chart legend according to their preferences and needs.

  • Custom data date line: Apex Gantt Chart displays custom data date, providing users with a reference line for easy visualization of the project's progress.

  • Custom tooltip: The tool supports custom tooltips, allowing users to add additional information and details to the Gantt Chart.

  • Additional columns: Apex Gantt Chart provides users with the ability to display additional columns — such as start, finish and progress — enhancing project management and monitoring.

  • Customizable chart areas: The formatting pane in Apex Gantt Chart offers many customization features, allowing users to tailor the chart's appearance to their specific needs and preferences.

Apex Gantt Chart targets business professionals, including project managers, schedulers, project teams, and stakeholders who rely on schedules to manage their daily operations. Its application is not limited to specific industries, though it is particularly well-suited for construction, engineering, and manufacturing. Regardless of industry, anyone who needs to visualize timelines and/or schedules in their business operations can benefit from the Apex Gantt Chart.

Overall, Apex Gantt Chart is an essential suite with great features and capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for successful project management.

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