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Demonstrate hierarchy within an organization, department, or any function area.

Hierarchy Chart by MAQ Software displays the relationship between different entities. Users can visually display hierarchical information in a top-down structured tree format along with images. Business uses:
  • Sales: Display sales structure along with territory responsibilities and actual sales. Group field can be used to visually indicate if a salesperson is below, on, or ahead of the target.
  • Organization: Structure human resources according to their respective departments and hierarchy.
  • IT: Display organizational IT assets, showing various asset categories and their availability volumes, broken down into specific assets.
  • Operations: Display a manufacturing process with a breakdown of the components or ingredients required to produce the product, along with their respective quantities, in a hierarchical format.
  • Finance: Display budget allocation by divisions or projects, breaking them down into subdivisions or subprojects; color coding the components based on Group field to distinguish them.
  • Key features:
  • Modify the look of the connector links.
  • Color the cards based on a Legend column.
  • Ability to customize the card dimension, border, and corner radius.
  • Interactivity with the cards to expand/collapse levels and cross-filter other visuals.
  • Ability to zoom and drag the position of the visual.
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