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Visualize process data, tickets, tasks, project phases and timelines with up to millisecond accuracy

A Gantt chart is a useful tool for project planning. It displays all planned tasks in an overview, so that it is clear to everyone involved which work must be completed by which time. A Gantt chart shows: The start and end dates of a project/activity. A Gantt chart can also be used to display log data to monitor running processes. It shows the time and duration of each activity and makes it easy to find potential bottlenecks in a process. The data in the form of event logs is required for the representation of processes and process sequences: Parent category Category Start timestamp End timestamp The visualization also interacts with other visualizations, the gantt visualization can filter other visualizations. Users can adjust various settings for gantt visualization via the implemented menu. Formatting rectangles (Color/Border/...) Formatting text (Font/Color/Size/…) Formatting axis Formatting title Documentation:

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