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The fastest way to writeback, comment, collaborate, and schedule reports

Inforiver Enterprise for Power BI is the most comprehensive no code writeback solution available today with the ability to simultaneously write-back to on-premise and/or cloud database, data warehouse, data lake destinations including Fabric OneLake/Lakehouse, Fabric Data Warehouse and Microsoft Dataverse.

It delivers all the capabilities offered by Inforiver Premium while bringing in additional enterprise capabilities such as advanced data input, writeback, commenting, collaboration, report scheduling & bursting. This makes it highly optimal for use cases such as what-if analysis, simulations, sales forecasting, planning, forecasting, budgeting, and more.

With Inforiver Enterprise, you can enrich raw information in your Power BI reports by adding data inputs, derivative calculations, forecasts, notes, and comments. You can also create and compare multiple scenarios and writeback data through SQL and Parquet formats.


1. Data Input
  • Input and update your data like you would do in Excel and save them to database destination(s) even from the (from the reading view)
  • Insert columns supporting various input formats – number, text, single/multi Select dropdowns, check box, person, and date
  • Allow multiple users to enter data, and have conversations at a cell-level
  • Writeback and Save data entered to both on-premise and/or cloud Database/ Data ware house / Data lake destinations
2. Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Create budgets from scratch or based on prior year actuals
  • Create forecasts easily for up to 5 years including rolling forecasts
  • Create new scenarios in edit and read modes based on an existing series for ad-hoc analysis
  • Perform intelligent allocations & distributions based on other measures or drivers
  • Save the current state of the report as a snapshot for versioning; snapshots can also be scheduled
  • Lock/unlock specific cells, rows & columns for editing
3. Data Writeback
  • Save your Power BI report data to on-premise or cloud databases, data warehouses, data lakes and lakehouses such as Fabric Lakehouse, Fabric Warehouse, Dataverse, SQL Server, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Snowflake, Big Query, and many more), shared folders (OneDrive, SharePoint), or custom end-point destination URLs
  • Write back data from reading view
  • Update other visuals automatically upon data writeback
  • Use Inforiver webhooks to trigger Power Automate workflows, Azure functions, HTTP and XMLA endpoints
  • Writeback cell-level comments and conversations along with data – both structured & unstructured writeback are supported
  • Writeback specific rows & columns based on filters
  • Exclude totals & subtotals, retain Inforiver report filters etc.
  • Perform context-aware write back by capturing context set by other Power BI slicers & filters
4. Scheduling
  • Deliver reports to email or shared destinations such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Google Drive using flexible frequency options - e.g., specific days of the week, month, and more
  • Schedule entire reports, report tabs, or specific pages within a paginated report as a single highly formatted PDF/Excel file or multiple files
  • Send only relevant records to recipients by using filters, bookmarks, and Report+ from a single schedule
  • Daily/Monthly Snapshot reporting to save and archive your reports as Excel or PDF files
  • Send ad-hoc, formatted PDF/Excel exports of the report by email to select recipients, including external stakeholders
5. Commenting & Collaboration
  • Capture cell-level comments, tag other stakeholders using @ mention, reply to comments posted by other users and have interactive conversations
  • Assign tasks to stakeholders and track closure status
  • Receive instant notification when someone responds to you, tags you or assigns a task to you
  • Schedule and receive periodic email commentary digests
To know more, visit: Inforiver

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