Food Retail Geo Analytics

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Find the best locations to avoid cannibalisation between your current and future points of sale

Food Retail Geo Analytics application from A2 Consulting is based on Power BI from Microsoft and is distinguished by its simplicity and conciseness. It allows the user to receive information on-line about the location of retail trading facilities in the country, their format and location. The data used in the application is taken from open data sources for non-commercial use. With traditional business analytics tools, data is most often broken down into graphs, charts, lists, trends, and other tabular formats that attempt to provide actionable insight. What’s missing from these traditional analytics tools is the “where” in the data — the relationship between that data and its location in physical space. Integrating geography with traditional analytics results in geo-analytics. Location-based data, combined with powerful analytics, puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. For retailers and sales-oriented businesses, geographic data offers a new way of looking at sales, engagement, and marketing data.

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