Power BI Apps on AppSource - Exploration Tool

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Analyze and explore all of the Power BI apps on AppSource within a Power BI App

Do you use Power BI Template Apps?

This app connects to Microsoft AppSource to show all the Power BI Template Apps that are publicly available on the marketplace. You can publish this report on your Power BI tenant and can have it always up to date using a scheduled refresh. This tool can help developers, IT, and BI departments learn which apps are available and discover what is most valuable for their organization. If you are an ISV/developer of other Power BI apps, you can use this tool to learn which new apps are available in your domain. If you are an IT administrator responsible for installing specific Power BI apps for business teams in your company, you can use this app to explore relevant apps, their rating, and their popularity.

What's New?

  • The free version refreshes the last 20 recent apps. Subscribe to the full version to load all apps
  • Watch publishers' videos from the app
  • Drill through any app and see the full app description and screenshots in the details app page
  • Explore the apps by their popularity
  • Analyze the apps by categories & industries
  • Analyze the rating by stars distribution (How many users rated the app as 1 star, 2 stars, etc.) and CSAT

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