Intune Compliance (Data Warehouse)

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Access your Intune Data Warehouse in Power BI. Edit, view and share reports created for you.

IT administrators in the Unified Endpoint Management space can view their device security and compliance across their Microsoft Endpoint Manager tenants over time with this app which is published and maintained by the Intune reporting team. Gain new insights and make data driven decisions and processes as you dive deep into granular and aggregate data.

We have provided 3 top level pages to help IT administrators easily understand the device compliance landscape in their tenant:
  1. General Information
  2. Compliance
  3. Policy
General Information
The General information page is intended to provide more information around using the compliance report, including frequently asked questions, definitions of terminology used, and links to helpful resources. Here you can navigate to the Intune Data Warehouse and Power BI documentation, download current and previews versions of this app for customization, and share feedback via UserVoice.

Use the Compliance report to understand the overall compliance posture of your organization's devices, breaking down compliance by device operating system and model as well as drilling down to individual devices. Some examples of the data you will find here are:
  • Count of devices in each compliance state
  • Compliance by OS
  • Device Detail
  • Compliance by Device Model
Use the Policy report to understand the overall adherence to policies deployed in your organization. You can view the data across all your policies or only the top 10 defined by the highest number of assignments. Some examples of the data you will find here are:
  • Policy adherence over time
  • Policy status over time
  • Per policy device count
  • Per policy detailed drill down

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