BI for Defender

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Easily create custom Power BI reports and dashboards from Microsoft Defender with this app.

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint serves as a robust enterprise endpoint security platform, aimed at fortifying networks against advanced threats by providing prevention, detection, investigation, and response capabilities. Despite its strengths, the native reporting features have limitations.
PowerStacks has developed BI for Defender to extend the reporting capabilities of Defender. Our business intelligence product solutions run in the industry standard Microsoft Power BI service making it easy to share and access your data from anywhere on any device.
BI for Defender is a customizable reporting solution that connects to the live data in Defender. In addition to the unlimited custom reports that can be created using the simple point and click interface of Power BI, BI for Defender is currently shipping with out-of-the-box reports. Each of these reports is fully interactive, meaning that you can simply select and element on a page to see more information.
Reports included with BI for Defender: 
  • Summary: The Summary page offers a comprehensive snapshot of your Defender for Endpoint environment, presenting key metrics such as the percentage of devices in each exposure level, vulnerability count by severity, and device distribution by management platform and OS version.
  • Device Info: Navigate your Defender for Endpoint ecosystem with precision on the Device Info page, where you can access crucial details about each device, including its state, exposure level, OS details, last known IP address, management platform, and last seen date.
  • Vulnerabilities: Uncover potential security risks on the Vulnerabilities page, which provides in-depth insights into vulnerabilities categorized by CVE, along with associated device counts, vulnerability descriptions, and actionable recommendations for resolution.
  • Missing Security Updates: Strengthen your security posture by addressing missing updates efficiently with the Missing Security Updates page. Gain visibility into missing updates details, exposure impact scores, and receive actionable recommendations to enhance your Microsoft Secure Score.
  • Process Events: Efficiently manage and monitor running processes on computers through the Process Events page, which offers a detailed list of processes, resource utilization metrics, and real-time reporting for a comprehensive understanding of your Defender for Endpoint environment.

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