NetSuite Power BI (SuiteApp: ZoneReporting)

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NetSuite Reporting in Power BI

ZoneReporting is a turnkey reporting solution for NetSuite. All your NetSuite data is pre-built in our data model to create the most advanced BI reporting solution for NetSuite customers. Based on 100+ implementations of NetSuite we have replicated the NetSuite data model in an easy to use way. Our approach is very scalable and provides significant more reporting, modeling and anlaytics capabilities over native NetSuite. Specific benefits include, but are not limited to:
- Unlimited joins across your NetSuite data
- Ability to integrate your NetSuite data with any 3rd party data source
- Modeling capabilities to answer any business questions
- Ability to publish dashboards internally, externally and back in NetSuite portlets
- 75-90% reduction in time spent preparing reports

Note: This solution comes with a REST API based connector that refreshes your NetSuite data (via saved searches) up to every 15 minutes.

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