SideKick 365 CRM PowerPack (Preview)

Видавець: Skylite Systems

SideKick 365 CRM PowerPack - Make Your SharePoint Data Come Alive

Our free Power BI Template App will make your SideKick365 CRM data come alive. You can add additional reports as needed using PowerBI. Data can be refreshed daily. Start leveraging your investment in Office 365 today! Note – these reports are designed to work with our SharePoint app called SideKick 365 CRM. You can download a copy and learn more by following this link . The video shows an overview of the complete SideKick 365 CRM solution including the SharePoint App, PowerApp, and PowerBI Template App that comes with SideKick 365 CRM. Note - you can skip ahead to 8:45 on the video if you want to just see our Template App for PowerBI in action. You can see all our videos about SideKick 365 CRM here Grab some popcorn and watch them all!

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