2021.AI AI Governance Service (AGS)


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AI Governance Service (AGS) by 2021.AI ensures Trust, Safety and Responsible AI.

Ensuring Trust in Your AI

AGS establishes and maintains trust in your AI by implementing and monitoring governance, risk, and compliance across your organization, from model design to validation and certification of your AI solutions. This service provides ready-to-use governance packages to help you comply with the ever-growing number of AI laws, regulations, and guidelines. AGS is a platform-agnostic solution, connecting compliance metadata and models throughout the entire AI model lifecycle. By breaking down organizational silos and assigning responsibilities to the appropriate stakeholders, AGS facilitates successful, trusted, and compliant AI implementation.

Seamless Integration with Third-party DevOps

AGS integrates directly into Third-party DevOps. This seamless integration simplifies AI governance, empowering you to unlock the full potential of your AI initiatives.

AGS: Comprehensive Governance Feature

With AGS, you benefit from a suite of essential tools, including:

  • Model registry: Centralized management and visibility of all your AI models

  • Risk classification: Automated risk assessment based on predefined criteria

  • Impact assessment framework: Thorough evaluation of the potential impact of your AI models

  • Automated compliance checks: Continuous monitoring and enforcement of compliance requirements before model releases

  • Digital trace: Real-time monitoring to ensure your models perform in line with your guidelines and regulations

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AGS for LLM: Transparency and Control for Large Language Models

AGS for LLM equips you with the tools to achieve transparency and traceability over your organization’s chat activities. By leveraging AGS, you can effectively govern your LLM in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations.

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