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Industry leading requirements management tool for Azure DevOps

A leader in Requirements Management tools built into Azure DevOps, Modern Requirements4DevOps (MR4DevOps) lets you author, elicit, automate, trace, and define requirements in Azure DevOps, and reduces project cycle times by providing just the right amount of requirement analysis, quality management and reporting.

Compared to other methods of requirements management that make it challenging for you to keep track of numerous templates and documents, require your stakeholders and teammates to use third-party applications that hinder collaboration, and result in projects with longer build times and increasing costs, MR4DevOps seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure to allow your stakeholders and teammates to collaborate in the same space.

A browser-based extension to Microsoft Azure DevOps (formerly TFS and VSTS), MR4DevOps supports all process templates based on Agile/Scrum, structured and hybrid methodologies. In addition to inheriting the process templates from Azure DevOps, MR4DevOps also inherits security (providing single sign-on) and uses Azure DevOps for data-storage – making it the single source of truth for your project artifacts. MR4DevOps is fully embedded in the Azure DevOps user interface and inherits your process template (both XML and inheritance model), whether it is out of the box or highly customized. Plus, MR4DevOps can be implemented in both Azure DevOps Service (on the cloud) and Server (on-premises). Save time and resources by introducing MR4DevOps to your project and streamlining your requirements management processes.

MR4DevOps is well suited for many industries, including healthcare and medical devices, government and defence, banking and insurance, technology, and service providers as well as product engineering. Thousands of our users have consistently reported 30-50% requirement productivity and quality improvements when using MR4DevOps.

With MR4DevOps, you can:

  • Work with a single source of truth from requirements, design, dev, build, test, to release, in a seamlessly integrated process.
  • Invite stakeholders and team members alike to request and facilitate change using tools and features like Smart Docs, Diagramming, Reporting, Trace Analysis, Baselining, Review Management, Wireframing, and more.
  • Building living documents that easily update and report on any diagrams, documents, traceability matrices, and more, directly from your project.

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