Видавець: 2BIT AG

2CARE provides a solution to capture all the services provided.

This application is available only in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Therefore the application itself is translated into different languages (DE, EN, FR) but content material and contracts are only available in german.

2CARE is a solution in the health sector to easily capture the services provided to patients or inhabitants. The solution contains an admin portal for the Backoffice to manage everything from master data to report configuration. In addition, there is a progressive web app which can be installed on android / ios devices to capture the services without losing any time with a phone or tablet. The app works offline, and the solution is highly secured. All the services are provided over the azure cloud where everything is hosted. It is possible to rent managed devices from 2BIT for a specific amount of time, in case no proper devices are available. These devices are fully managed and locked to guarantee that no intrusion of privacy can happen for example by taking pictures.

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