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The NET@PRO MES System improves production process control for manufacturing companies

This application is available in 7 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Polish and Romanian.

NET@PRO improves the control of the production process by integrating production planning, quality, warehouse, maintenance management and machines data collection.

NET@PRO connects manufacturing machines with the ERP system collecting data in real-time.

Manufacturing companies struggle to monitor their daily production activities because the production progress is often a paper base process.

Factory managers should use a professional tool to be constantly aware of what happens in the shop floor by exploiting production data to measure resource efficiency.

We developed the NET@PRO MES software for companies with the goal to control their production in real-time, to maximize efficiency.

It covers 7 functional areas:

1- Production Management: Shop floor data collection, event monitoring and KPI analysis

2- Planning and Programming: Planning and short term sequencing in a simulative environment

3- Warehouse Management and Traceability: Warehouse operation optimization with complete tracking and tracing of products

4- Quality Management: Product and process quality testing and management

5- Maintenance Management: Equipment maintenance planning and management

6- Integration with machines: Industry 4.0 compliant bidirectional connection with machines and devices

7- DOBEYA: Lean thinking digital collaborative workspace

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