ABB Ability™ Drives for HVAC

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Smart motion solutions for comfort control and higher HVACR system efficiency

Comprehensive climate control, reliable HVACR operation

The heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVACR) just need to work, based on energy efficiency and sustainability goals, being able to reduce CO2 emissions.

That’s where our variable speed drives for HVAC and refrigeration provide you with reliable motor control. Come, see the simplicity of their set up, and how the drives integrate seamlessly into building management and automation systems. With the reassurance of our global service network, you know no matter where the HVAC system is installed, we are close by.

Energy savings, building comfort, simplicity. Everything counts when your business is making sure your customer stays comfortable.

Climate control drives in data centers

Availability for critical environments
In today’s ever data-driven world, there are few things that people are as protective over as their information and its accessibility. We understand you rely heavily on maintaining your microclimates at their designed levels as proper temperature, pressure and humidity control are all key factors in mission-critical environments such as data centers.
Our drives specifically designed for HVAC applications together with ABB motors ensure that your data servers are kept consistently at the correct temperature, rejecting heat wherever necessary. Our mission is to ensure that you, and your customers, don’t experience downtime due to HVAC issues, thus maximizing productivity.

Climate control drives in commercial buildings

Efficient comfort
The comfort, productivity and safety of your buildings’ occupants is critical. We understand that. We are here to make sure that your microclimates are controlled, taking into account conditions influencing the well-being of people.
Our focus is to ensure that when you plan with consultants, or system integrators, you don’t need to put additional equipment on the wall, increase the scope of your project, or sacrifice necessary HVAC capabilities to save energy. Our drives for HVAC help you maintain a good and stable climate that ensures a comfortable and productive environment in an ecologically conscious way to satisfy the people living or working in the buildings.

Climate control drives in hospitals

Providing comfort through healthy climates>/b>
Hospitals are mission-critical buildings. Keeping people safe and healthy is your raison d’être. We also know that your patients’ comfort is just as critical as your system’s uptime. We are there to support your efforts to create a climate to do just that. Our HVAC offering supports you in ensuring highest availability and your investment in the most reliable solution will definitely pay off. An extensive partner network around the world provides you with timely help whenever and wherever needed.

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