Accenture Cloud Foundations Framework (CFF) - Azure Platform

Видавець: Accenture Federal Services

Automate build-out of pre-hardened, pre-integrated, well-architected, Microsoft Azure Landing Zones

The Accenture Cloud Foundations Framework Platform provides a modular and flexible framework of pre-built infrastructure as code automation and orchestration CI/CD pipelines that can be rapidly deployed and tailored to meet each customer's unique requirements. Using the CFF, Accenture rapidly accelerates Microsoft Azure standup shifting the focus of the effort from building to integrating with your enterprise services for network, identity, PKI, and XDR services. Using the following modules, the Accenture team can accelerate cloud stand-up, accreditation, and operational service transition in under 6 months:
- Infrastructure Blueprints for AWS and Azure Landing zone: Library of infrastructure, configuration, and policy as code scripts to automate provisioning of well-architected CSP Landing Zones that comply with each cloud vendor’s best practice recommendations for management and meeting zero-trust guidance. Includes pre-built, parameterized, CI/CD pipelines to provision customer tailored infrastructure deployments.
- Identity & Access Management: Multi-cloud identity management that is federally compliant enabling MFA authentication with SSO across Azure and AWS (and others as needed). Integrated CASB and identity threat protection monitor user access and detect anomalies. Privileged access management provides multiple layers of security with conditional access to enable each persona to perform their work in the cloud and is a core component of our zero-trust architecture
- Management & Optimization: Multi-cloud virtual infrastructure management to automate discovery, configuration management, patching, infrastructure monitoring and alerting that is optimized for multi-cloud management to improve performance and reduce network traffic and latency.
- Security & Compliance: Provides a birds-eye view across the enterprise to make threat detection and response smarter and faster with AI & SOAR. Eliminate security infrastructure setup and maintenance, and elastically security and compliance monitoring needs with 100’s of pre-built dashboards, detections and SOAR playbooks to optimize security incident response across [CUSTOMER]’s multi-cloud estate. Use stand-alone or integrate with existing [CUSTOMER]’s SIEM capabilities.

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