Smart Shelf

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Increase sales and distribution efficiencies with products occupancy monitoring.

What brand of my product portfolio is selling more, and which secondary placement campaign works better? Should I restock the merchandise now, or in time prior to sales peak? If you want to improve your retail presence or use your retail display more efficiently, Smart Shelf gives you all those answers and insight into your customers behavior that helps you make data-based decisions. 
Meet Smart Shelf, non-invasive solution with customizable dashboards in our unique IoT platform to provide a real-time information.

Benefits of the solution
  • ROI and Sales increase
  • Customer behavior insight & loyalty
  • Secondary placement and product categories strategy
  • Campaign success rate evaluation
  • Optimizing stock and logistics efficiencies
  • Real-time notifications for stock replenishment and merchandising
  • Non-invasive and low power IoT devices
  • Reducing waste and carbon footprint

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