DeviceOn/Display can support display function adjustment by central control or handheld devices.

DeviceOn/Display serves as one member of Advantech IoT software solutions, focusing on IoT device remote monitoring and management, and bridging across layers in Advantech IoT Platform Architecture, including IoT device, system and cloud layers. Advantech strives to integrate partner solutions, such as Intel, Microsoft, Windriver, McAfee, Acronis. Control center can operate the function in each display such as brightness adjustment, color temperature and audio volume. It can easily control and monitor operating status every day.


What's Inside

  •   Device Connectivity & Monitoring
  •   Bulk Management & Maintenance
  •   Create alert and real-time actions based on device data and predictive analytics.
  •   Device remotely Control
  •   Simplified Operation & Support


Offer three stage pricing

“It’s Free” with connecting Advantech hardware