Adverity ETL for Azure & SQL Server


Data pipelines to send marketing data to any Azure or SQL Server destination

Adverity is the easiest way to automatically integrate and harmonize marketing data from any source into your Microsoft environment of choice.

Adverity creates a single source of truth for all your marketing data by automating the process of data collection, harmonization and management, helping data-driven teams to transform siloed data into actionable insights and to optimize campaign performance.

Our data integration engine (ETL / ELT) connects marketing data from hundreds of sources (Facebook, Google, Linkedin, TikTok... Ad servers, DSPs, web analytics, CRM systems, etc. and seamlessly integrates it into your analytics stack / data architecture.

You can store all this data into any Azure destination of choice, or into any SQL database.

Key benefits of using Adverity:

  • Increased overall quality of your dataset thanks to AI and machine learning

  • Reduced time spent collecting and preparing data for analysis, by 80% on average

  • Easy access to your campaign data, anytime you need it and straight into your environment

Our platform was designed with enterprise-level scalability in mind, to fulfill the current and future data processing and analytics needs of companies of all sizes. By automating your data operations you can stay focused on delivering results for your campaigns and your company's bottom line.