AffableBPM Express for SMB

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Automate Operational Business Processes to achieve efficiency and productivity

AffableBPM is a secure SaaS cloud-based document and business process management solution for small businesses, midsize and large enterprises. It helps automate and streamline customers’ contract management, asset management, inventory management, case management, and various operational business processes. It supports maintaining compliance, reducing risks, tracking requirements with notifications and approvals to meet deadlines, increasing efficiencies, and expediting processes. AffableBPM brings value by being easy-to-use, customizable, secure, scalable, and accessible from anywhere at any time and deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud. The solution saves time and money for customers to bring quick ROI! It is a HIPAA and CFR compliant solution.

AffableBPM Solution:

  • Fully automated Compliance checks
  • Streamlined end to end customizable workflow process
  • Paperless
  • Cut down manpower up to 65%
  • Cost savings up to 50%

Benefits experienced by our average healthcare customers:

  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • Flexible to fit customer needs
  • Scalable
  • Searchable documents
  • Efficient / collaborative
  • Reliable / back-up, recovery

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