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"Digital Technology Serving the Environment"

WACOMOS: Waste Collection and Cleaning Management System

Population growth and rapid urbanization have led to a significant increase in waste production, rendering traditional waste collection methods inefficient and costly. WACOMOS is a waste collection and cleaning monitoring and management solution that enables municipalities to discover and understand the complex dynamics of their waste production. It ensures the management of the public service for the collection and cleaning of household waste and similar materials. The solution provides real-time online access to data related to waste containers, bins, and monitored vehicles. It combines smart sensors, waste collection and cleaning management software, an application for service providers (contractors), an application for supervisors (controllers), and another for citizens.

  • The Back-office Module

At the heart of the system, the back-office module acts as a hub, streamlining the management of contractors, contracts, equipment, human resources and more. The use of electronic document management in our system WACOMOS offers an efficient solution for managing contracts and the necessary documents in a practical and secure way. Thanks to this functionality, contracts can be stored and accessed electronically, eliminating the need to manage bulky physical files.

  • Operation Module

In addition to the back-office module, the operation modules play an equally essential role. These modules provide a range of tools to optimize the planning and design of geographical routes for collection and cleaning vehicles. These modules offer essential complementarity for optimal planning of collection and cleaning routes, schedules and frequencies. Thanks to the intelligence built into the system, more effective planning suggestions can be generated based on historical data collected from various sources such as IoT, complaints and feedback from controllers and citizens.

  • Mobile applications

Our system is supported by three separate mobile applications: one for contractors, another for the controller and a third for the public-citizens. These mobile applications offer a host of advantages in terms of real-time monitoring of operations, accessible any time anywhere.

  • Dashboard and statistics

Data plays a crucial role in decision-making and service improvement. In our system, we have integrated a powerful dashboard that gives the delegator and contractor an overview of the management of waste collection and cleaning operations at a glance. The dashboard can be customized to meet the specific needs and data analysis objectives of the delegator or contractor. With this dashboard, users have access to in-depth analyses that provide key information on operational performance, trends, quality indicators and much more. Data is presented clearly and visually, making it easy to understand and interpret key information.

The Benefits of our Waste Collection and Cleaning Management and Monitoring System

1- Operational Efficiency

2- Service Quality Improvement

3- Efficient Resource Management

4- Real-time Monitoring

5- Smart Management of waste

6- Civic involvement

7- Data-driven Decision-making

In summary, WACOMOS, our waste collection and cleaning management and tracking system, offers considerable benefits in terms of operational efficiency, service quality, resource management, real-time tracking, intelligent waste management, civic engagement and data-driven decision-making. It helps create a cleaner, more sustainable and satisfying environments for all.

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