Ordinics Diginvo

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Invoice Digitalization and Electronic Invoice Processing

Ordinics Diginvo, for Microsoft 365 - SharePoint Online, significantly shortens the invoice circulation process and creates an interesting space for improving supplier-customer relationships, especially in companies where a large number of documents are processed daily.

• Records and management of received invoices

• Receipt by email, data box, paper form

• Possibility of receiving invoices in ISDOCX format

• Scanning and extraction of attributes, connection of extraction using artificial intelligence

• Possibility to approve invoices in the workflow

• Integration on accounting / ERP SW


• Electronic signature

Benefits of the solution:

• Speed ​​of processing a large number of digital invoices in one system

• Possibility of simultaneous work of several processors

• Access to invoices anytime and from anywhere

• Minimization of human errors – eg. failure to process some invoices

• Possibility to use invoice extraction and artificial intelligence

Features that the solution brings:

• Receipt of digital invoices (by e-mail, from data boxes, scanning)

• Approval workflow tailored to the processor's requirements

• Network of processors and approvers connected to AD groups

• A trusted repository of processed invoices that meets audit requirements

• Automatic invoicing

• Fast validation of extracted attributes

• Adding invoice shirts in digital form

• Possibility of further use of extracted invoice items

• Integration into accounting / ERP systems

Supported countries:

Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland

Supported languages:


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