2bPrecise™ Platform

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Genomic decision support within the clinical workflow

Rapid growth of genetic testing, molecular profiling and genomic-based treatment has created a new, practical challenge for health systems: How to incorporate precision medicine into clinical workflows. Virtually every service line -- pediatrics, maternal fetal medicine, neurology, behavioral health, cardiology, oncology and more – today seeks access to this valuable genomic information. Cloud-based, the 2bPrecise platform consumes molecular data from labs and clinical information from the EHR, synthesizing them into a clinical-genomic ontology, and delivering precision medicine insights to providers within their familiar workflow across any EHR. Plus, the solution is built to interact with evolving knowledge sources and care guidelines. When integrated as part of the complete compendium of patient information, this actionable data set helps drive better diagnoses and faster treatment.

“There is tremendous time lost when physicians have to go outside their system or hunt around gathering information to make the best decision possible... the basic inefficiency UH physicians previously experienced is solved beautifully by 2bPrecise.” DR. CHRISTOPHER HOIMES, MEDICAL ONCOLOGIST