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Provision and Manage your enterprise-approved cloud resources

Accelerate Your Journey to Scaled Enterprise Cloud DevOps with AIS Service Catalog!

Is your application development team “going rogue?” This is a question worth asking and here’s why:

Development teams face tremendous pressure with aggressive timelines from business units to get products shipped and solutions into production. Given this reality, teams look for ways to leverage new technologies as soon as they become available. This extends to cloud technologies that can be quickly on-boarded. On the other hand, internal IT departments are responsible for approving and procuring technologies and enforcing corporate policies. Having two internal groups with competing missions creates friction. To avoid this friction and expedite technology acquisition, development teams cut internal IT out of the process, in effect, going rogue. They use credit cards to purchase the technologies they want and then expense them, without executive knowledge.

Now imagine a product that creates a catalog of technologies pre-approved by IT, allowing application development teams to quickly onboard technologies via a self-service portal. This eliminates the friction – developers can quickly provision technologies and create solutions that meet their deadlines. IT can manage and provision new technologies, enforcing corporate governance. With the AIS Service Catalog, these competing needs can meet in the middle, all while quickly implementing a cloud strategy (ADMIN CREDENTIALS NEEDED)

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