DataNimbus FinHub Corporate-to-bank

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Powerful, secure, seamless payment API and File conversion with intuitive visual mapping

DataNimbus FinHub C2B is a comprehensive product that offers a secure solution for file transfer, specifically designed for payment file transformation. It seamlessly integrates with various file formats, including industry-standard ISO20022 formats like PAIN001, PAIN002, CAMT052, CAMT053, and more.

The product provides flexibility by allowing users to configure complex rules and transitions for file splitting, define limits, and group files according to their specific requirements. This empowers organizations to orchestrate the entire payment file transformation journey efficiently.

Key Features:

Versatile Format Support: Seamlessly integrate with multiple file formats, such as csv, xlsx, json, and delimiter-based files, facilitating easy interoperability.
Customizable Rules and Transitions: Configure complex rules for file splitting, define limits, and group files as needed, providing flexibility in payment file transformation.
Notifications and Alerts: Set up notifications and alerts to stay informed about critical events during the file transformation process.
Reliable Connectivity: Maintain robust connectivity between your corporate system and the bank using heartbeats, ensuring continuous and reliable communication.

DataNimbus FinHub C2B empowers organizations to streamline payment file transformation, improve operational efficiency, and establish secure connectivity with banking and corporate partners. Experience a seamless and secure solution tailored to your payment file transformation needs.

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