Knowledge management

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Knowledge management

Cognitive micro-content management platform designed for conversations powered by AI & ML Technology

Access relevant knowledge in context based on end user profile at the point of use that drive message consistency, effective communication & seamless collaboration with Office 365 Apps.

Micro-content designed for chatbot conversations, email communication, proposals & contracts generation, etc., which leverages AI & ML graphs, user profile & taxonomy for contextual and relevant response.

Access relevant knowledge at the point of use with embedded widgets in Outlook, Word, Excel, PPT, Dynamics CRM, Teams, etc. as well as Bots that can be published across 12+ channels including Teams, Skype, Facebook, Website, Intranet, etc.

-Federated cognitive search using AI & ML technology across any source repositories such as Sharepoint, One Drive, Yammer, Box, local drive, databases, Lotus Notes, etc.
-Micro-content, which are modular & reusable blocks that enable conversational content for Chatbots, communication, proposal & contract automation
-Create, curate & manage knowledge with granular access control, built-in review workflow, custom vocabulary & taxonomy with multi-dimension classification for knowledge continuum
-Out of the box integration with Office 365 suite of applications, Dynamics CRM, Teams, hosted on Microsoft Azure leveraging cognitive services

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