Arimac Customer Experience Suite

Видавець: Arimac Lanka (Private) Limited

A suite of technology solutions to accelerate digital transformation.

Arimac Customer Experience Suite provides you with a fully-fledged array of digital solutions in order to enhance revenue generation and user engagement through transformative technologies. We are a Microsoft Data Analytics Gold Partner, and Microsoft Cloud Platform Silver Partner.

This omnichannel customer experience is brought to you by building our robust solutions on dynamic Azure technologies that allow seamless and effective operations in your respective industry via digitization.

This digital solution suite includes experiential web and mobile enterprise solutions with integrated eCommerce and eWallet mechanisms with Arimac IPG aggregator, fully automated operational deployments with humanoid robotics, AI-based chatbot, CDO-as-a-Service along with an array of interactive marketing and loyalty platform solutions using immersive technologies and gamification. 

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