ATOM (aThingz Transportation Optimization and Management) Composable Microservices

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Industry's first S&OP for Transportation and Logistics

aThingz is a unicorn supply chain and logistics solution provider enabling organizations to rapidly take cost out of their logistics spend while helping them be more agile and resilient in a sustainable manner - customers get this accelerated value as early as week 6 of aThingz engagement.

aThingz - Supply Chain Triple Double and SLOPE

aThingz has uniquely collapsed what is today a largely disparate set of processes for logistics planning and execution and pioneered one closed loop (continuous) Sales, Logistics and Operations Planning with Optimized Execution process (SLOPE) for logistics. Akin to what S&OP does for supply chain. We call this the aThingz Supply Chain Triple Double Play. TRIPLE being digital twin model representing the information, physical, financial supply chain with a DOUBLE scoring on collapsing the planning with execution not on a cadence but on a continuous basis with a closed loop approach.

ATOM - aThingz Transportation Optimization and Management

Our solution - ATOM (aThingz Transportation Optimization and Management), encompasses the following composable microservices that can be quickly activated for customers to gain accelerated business value.

  • Closed Loop Logistics Planning and Forecasting
  • Logistics Cost to Serve
  • Real Time Shipment Visibility with Supply and Demand Sensing
  • Order Management
  • Rate Management
  • Tendering and Booking
  • SKU Level Demand Forecasting

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