Augmentir AI-Powered Connected Worker Platform

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Industrial AI-based connected worker software for manufacturing and field service teams.

From the founders of Wonderware, Lighthammer, and the ThingWorx IoT platform comes Augmentir, the first AI-powered Connected Worker platform for manufacturing and service teams.

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Continuous Improvement with Augmentir

Industrial organizations across the globe are already utilizing Augmentir for multiple uses to connect industrial experts to the field, train the new industrial workforce and improve the inefficiencies in their workflow. Augmented, step-by-step work instructions help close the skills gap and ensures job quality. Remote expert assistance tools help virtually connect workers and improve customer support. Augmentir’s Enterprise Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) empowers your frontline workers in industrial settings to perform their jobs with higher quality and increased productivity.

The list of use cases is continuously growing:

  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Factory Acceptance & Site Acceptance Tests
  • Inspection & Quality Control
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Equipment Setup
  • Field Service & Repair

Key Features:
  • Augmented work instructions guide workers through their tasks more effectively
  • Remote expert functionality provides assistance to help workers solve problems faster
  • Augmentir’s embedded AI engine delivers unique insights that help organizations quickly identify where opportunities for improvement exist

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