Видавець: Autenti Sp. z o.o.

Autenti - we accelerate document approvals with one-click e-signatures

Autenti is the platform for approval of documents and signing contracts online that transforms traditional b2b and b2c transactions into e-commerce and by convenient and secure way brings more sales with one-click e-signatures. By eliminating traditional ways of paper circulation and physical signing of documents (printing, scanning, mailing, courier), Autenti brings significant reduction of time to close any transaction from several days to just a few seconds, giving measurable benefits and savings. The platform is independent of all signing parties, eIDAS regulation compliant, intermediary trust service provider that secures document integrity and business certainty.

Autenti use Internet enabled companies of all sizes that want to improve efficiency of their business by replacing manual, paper-based methods to decrease document circulation time, reduce costs, improve visibility and control, and enhance customers’ satisfaction by introducing digital signature and automated workflow solutions in business and back office processes. Autenti targets primarily EU countries with solution compliant to EU regulations, as well as offers core functions globally.

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