AutoCollect Vendor on-boarding solution

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Facilitates collection of Vendor information and documents and streamlines the on-boarding process.

 Autopilot  streamlines the collection of information and documents from Vendors  and facilitates the process for the company requesting the information.  
Advantages of the solution are:

For the client:

  •  No printing out of forms
  •  Forms can be pre-populated so they don’t have to continually re-type information
  •  Document generation and digital signatures integrated seamlessly into the process
  •  Clear indication of requirements and where they are in the process
 For the company
  •  Receives complete and clean data 
  • Clear dashboard of outstanding requests 
  • Seamless method to contact clients that have not completed the process 
  •  Ensures that requests do not ‘slip through the cracks’
  •  System can fill in actual company (or external) forms 
  •  Complete audit trail
  •  Accurate reporting facility
  •  Minimize the potential for lost Vendors because of incomplete information.
  •  Fewer steps and fewer delays mean everyone can get on with what they need to.
  •  By reducing human error and oversight, you can turn weeks into days and hours into minutes.


The target market for the solution would be companies looking to onboard new Vendors. It is typically companies who are sending out emails or PDF’s to client and expecting them to print out the documents, fill them in, scan them and send them back to the company.

Target industries are Manufacturers, Health Care Facilities, Mines, FMCG, Banks and Government Departments, Financial services.

The company doing the on-boarding would have access to clear dashboards as well as a facility which would enable them to contact users directly through the system via SMS or email.

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