Examena: Online Exam Management for eLearning

Видавець: AvePoint Inc.

Craft, monitor, proctor, and analyse online exams from anywhere. Built on Microsoft cloud technology

Digital proctoring & examinations

Empower educators with the latest Microsoft cloud technology, without the IT overhead. Educators can craft online exams with confidence. Control when, where, and how the exams will take place. Students can bring-your-own-device (BYOD). Proctors retain complete control and oversight.

Central admin

Create and publish exam schedules. Define and delegate roles for creating, proctoring, accessing, and grading exams.

Create and craft questions

Select from more than 10 question types! Build a question bank, or create questions from scratch.

Taking the test

Students get clear, concise instructions and an intuitive exam experience. Proctors keep attendance and track progress.

Assess and analyse

Markers have a central dashboard to view, grade, delegate, and analyse exam submissions.

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