Canopy Remote Device Management Software

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Canopy Enables Remote Service Providers to Maximize uptime of complex, unattended device ecosystems

Banyan Hills Technologies is an innovative software company founded in 2013. Canopy is Banyan’s connectivity platform and advanced solution for monitoring and managing any network of connected devices, including, self-service kiosks, digital signs, payment technologies, Android devices, iOS devices, Linux devices and Windows devices, etc. For service providers and operators of large networks of unattended devices, Canopy helps enable real-time visibility, remote action capabilities, IoT automations, enhanced security, and ultimately improved uptime and availability.

Banyan’s highly skilled team also helps customers design, launch, scale, and secure successful remote device implementations. Banyan’s deep industry knowledge and strong subject matter expertise combined with our industry leading remote device operations platform enable us to offer a unique solution to companies looking for best-in-class remote device management capabilities.

Canopy's enterprise connectivity platform enables you to centrally monitor, manage and control connected devices at scale. Manage the overall health of your devices, address service issues before problems arise, and maximize the availability of your unattended devices and infrastructure. Specifically, Canopy enables the following features for our diverse client base:

  • Universal Device Integration Capabilities: Thanks to the versatility of our software agent, Leaf, we can connect to devices on any operating system (e.g., Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.) and via any common device protocols (e.g., SNMP, HTTP MQTT, etc.).
  • Enhanced Operations Dashboard: Improved dashboard capabilities, including support for customizable dashboards, advanced filtering, and remote desktop integration.
  • Remote Actions: Leverage the remote action architecture to support software distribution, reboots, screenshots and system queries.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Set up real-time notifications of issues within the platform. Notifications can be sent via text or email.
  • Device Configuration Solutions: Out-of-the-box KPIs of key device performance data, allowing system administrators to manage device states remotely.
  • Inventory Management: Parts and piece level inventory tracking, which can be associated with a location that has been setup in the platform.
  • IoT Automations: Take advantage of the IoT Automations module to automate a variety of tasks including automatic resolution of recurring downtime causing issues.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Canopy empowers users with robust reporting and analytics that maximize the utility of telemetry and business data captured from devices.

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