eRep CPQ by BCA Technologies

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Enable your sales teams to quote faster, sell smarter, and accelerate growth with eRep CPQ

eRep CPQ empowers manufacturers and distributors that need to simplify their complex quote-to-order processes with a modern cloud platform.  eRep enables sales teams to accurately quote faster and sell smarter while accelerating growth with faster sales rep onboarding, enhanced business intelligence, and improved customer experience.

Manufacturers love eRep because it provides a modern sales software platform for their sales channels, sales managers, internal sales, customer support, and order entry to collaborate on selling.  eRep empowers manufacturers to quote, sell, and support complex products via direct sales or through omni-channel partners. 

eRep enables faster quote delivery for shorter sales cycles and increased revenues, streamlined pricing updates, elimination of costly errors, improved channel management, and increased visibility with advanced reporting and business intelligence all in one solution.

eRep CPQ for Manufacturers Key Features:
  • Simple SKUs to extremely complex, rule-based and equation-based pricing
  • Lead to Order workflows
  • Data-driven sales-friendly pricing screens
  • Able to add customized plug-ins such as Engineering, ROI, calculators, 
  • Able to process other ERP's native configurator rules (SAP, JD Edwards, etc)
  • Multi-brand such as OEM, sister companies with separated and mixed sales channels
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency for global sales
  • Parts sales module
  • APIs for integration witih any ERP or CRM

Distributors, manufacturer reps, dealers, and VARs who sell many different products from one or many manufacturers love eRep because it replaces spreadsheet systems with a single cloud solution to find, price, and quote quickly and accurately on any device anytime. 
And management can generate reports without having to distract sales.  The result is more quotes, with less mistakes,  resulting in more sales.
Upload manufacturer pricing spreadsheets and everybody is working off the same pricing.

Integrate with Dynamics and other ERPs
Built on modern .NET and SQL Server with open APIs, eRep can be used stand-alone or integrated with other ERP and CRM platforms you have now, or in the future.    

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