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OpenUtilities - Digital Twin Services and DER Integration

OpenUtilities enables global utilities to embrace digital transformation with software applications that help streamline the design, planning, and operating processes for utility networks and asset infrastructure.  Two OpenUtilities solutions are deployed on the Azure Cloud platform:

OpenUtilities Digital Twin Services (iTwin Services for Electric Utilities)

OpenUtilities Digital Twin Services enables a digital representation of the physical grid assets, processes, and/or systems, as well as the engineering information that allows you to understand and model its performance. It converges engineering, operational, and informational data into a connected data environment that gives utilities the ability to visualize grid assets, monitor network status, perform analysis and generate insights for decision support. The process involves consolidating, validating, and aligning 2D and 3D design, GIS, reality, performance, simulation, and other enterprise data across departmental and workflow silos to form a consolidated view of the grid and asset information.

OpenUtilities DER Optioneering (Powered by Siemens' PSS®SINCAL)

OpenUtilities™ DER Optioneering provides electric utilities with automated screening workflows and analytical methods that streamline DER interconnection approval assessments. The solution allows electric utilities to rapidly process or defer applications for further review. With OpenUtilities DER Optioneering’s automated screening mechanisms, utilities can process interconnection applications more efficiently, drastically improve customer response time, and engage high-value engineering resources when necessary. The screening criteria are configurable and customizable to accommodate local government policies and corporate standards.

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