iTwin Experience

Видавець: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

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Visualize, Analyze, Manage, and Share Infrastructure Digital Twins

iTwin Experience allows organizations to extend interoperability and bring together the full view to connect engineering, spatial, and enterprise data through Bentley’s iTwin Experience. Benefit from combined intelligence, such as iTwin IoT, and iTwin Capture visualized in iTwin Experience for integrated digital twin insights. ​iTwin Experience is the Single Pane of glass for Owner-Operators and their Supply Chain to Visualize, Analyze, Manage, and Share Infrastructure Digital Twins.

VISUALIZE - Democratize and simplify your siloed data into an intuitive global view of clearer context for all stakeholders.
ANALYZE - Empower decision makers with accessible intel from multiple sources. Scalable, open, contextual data, which supports analysis.
EXPERIENCE - Immerse stakeholders in a holistic digital twin that you can build upon and curate as needed for broader insights.


  • Spend more time performing “the job to be done” than gathering, reviewing, and governing data from multiple sources.
  • Reduce rework and provide reliable visibility across infrastructure lifecycles.
  • Unify disparate data and align data sets into valuable, actionable, accurate, and trusted business intelligence within your iTwin.
  • Leverage data to minimize operational unknowns, lower operational and capital expenditures, and reduce loss.

Spatial Oversight
  • Visualize and engage on your projects and ideas in the context of your unique organization.
  • Prepare curated scenes of your digital twin for specific personas as needed to ensure it can be contextualized for specific workflows and stakeholders.
  • Amplify impact with an intuitive, geo-coordinated environment.

Faster ROI
  • Provide a more holistic experience, for all stakeholders, that enables a deeper understanding in less time.
  • Allow more users to benefit from your digital twin with automation, artificial intelligence, and reality data.
  • Increase ROI faster as more rely on comprehensive insights via an drastically simplified data sharing process.
  • Secure web-based accessibility of your model, making data output readily available to different business functions across the supply chain.

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