BIA Reporting

BI4ALL - Consultores de Gestão

BIA Reporting is a BI reporting portal that will centralize your company’s reports and dashboards.

All reports and dashboards from different BI platforms in a single place. 

Integrated with Office 365, you don’t have to worry about remembering passwords for each of your reporting tools. 
And also you don’t have to learn to navigate the different folder structures of different BI platform. Instead, everything can be found in a single folder structure. 
For example, all of your Marketing reports, whether from Power BI, Reporting Services or Qlik could be viewed in a single folder.

BIA Reporting comes with many benefits:

  • Host unlimited reports in the cloud
  • Share your reports with an unlimited number of users
  • Reduce the costs associated with report sharing
  • Unlimited support from BI4ALL
  • Continuous free updates 
  • Integration of features suggested by you