BibeCoffee - IoT Coffee Monitoring Solution

Видавець: BibeCoffee Ltd

Connect and Monitor all Professional Coffee Machines in a single Platform

The BibeCoffee solution connects any type of coffee machine with the BibeCoffee device to a management software in order to collect data and to interact with them. The data is managed by the BibeCoffee cloud platform and is displayed via a user friendly web portal and a mobile app. The solution is ideal for:

  1. Roasters and Distributors who want to have real time view of the actual coffee consumption data for the coffee machines installed anywhere in the world
  2. Coffee Chains and Coffee Shop Owners who want to monitor in real-time their coffee machines’ proper usage and operation so as to ensure the brand quality of the coffee they serve to their customers, across all coffee shops
  3. Coffee Machine Makers & Maintenance Companies who want to review remotely the analytics of the coffee machines and detect malfunctions so as to minimize the technicians’ visit costs

With a sea of analytics and the required features and tools offered, customers streamline their operation by making the right decisions for their business. The solution blends technology, experience, and innovation together to deliver the perfect solution that helps to ensure brand quality, minimize revenue loss, and win every cup, all the time. Companies can verify that their products are served based on their standards (counting flushes, backflushes, single, double, within "recipe" or out of "recipe" coffees produced ) avoiding fraud, coffee dilution, ensuring that the end customer is always being served to the standards that companies aspire.

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