izDOX KYC AI Platform

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izDOX KYC AI Platform is used for automated data extraction and verification of KYC documents.

1. In Banking, Finance, Insurance and other B2C businesses, verification of KYC documents is important to detect fraud right up front and to meet regulatory compliance.
2. Manual processing of a large volume of KYC documents creates a bottle-neck to scale business and has a higher operational cost.
3. Data extraction from KYC with different layouts and formats is a challenge.

izDOX AI Platform solves this problem by improving over 60% productivity. Processing cycle time is just a few seconds. izDOX platform is template-free and works perfectly on any format of KYC.
1. Real-time onboarding and verification of customers are possible through izDOX.
2. Validated KYC data helps to achieve high Straight Through Processing (STP).
3. KYC verification integration is very easy through APIs.

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