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Gen-AI based code version updating or migration to different programming language

Managing code bases is key to an efficient development environment, it is crucial for developers to maintain and upgrade code bases regardless of the challenges. Brillio’s “Code conversion” leverages Generative AI to assist developers with code version update and migration to different programming languages. This solution aids developers with code conversions, version upgrades and library upgrades, hence enhancing user experience and application performance.

Key Features:

  • Auto Converting the Source Code from One Programming Language to another

  • Auto Conversion of Single snippet of code for one single tech stack

  • Extended Solution for Repository Migration

  • Extend Solution to support More Languages (ROR, Python, .NET, Java, Node/React etc.)

  • Version Upgrades / Library Upgrades

  • Auto Generation of libraries for each programming language

  • Code conversions and library upgrades will be streamlined using Generative AI


  • Time and Effort Savings: Automates the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of code conversion, version upgrades, and library upgrades, enabling developers to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of software development.

  • Cycle Reduction Time: Developers can accelerate the overall development cycle, reduce turnaround time, and deliver software updates faster.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: The generative AI tool leverages advanced machine learning techniques to ensure accurate code conversion, version upgrades, and library upgrades, minimizing errors and reducing the risk of introducing bugs.

  • Seamless Transitions: Maintains the functionality and behaviour of the codebase during the conversion, version upgrade, and library upgrade processes, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting the application's operations.

  • Learning and Adaptability: Over time, the generative AI tool can learn from previous codebase conversions, version upgrades, and library upgrades. It can continually improve its accuracy, efficiency, and ability to handle specific coding patterns, making it an increasingly asset to the development team.

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